ZAR 49 Sport Luxury

ZAR 49 Sport Luxury



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The ZAR 49 SL is a small / large boat to discover both for her navigation skills and building quality. The innovative and attractive design together with the top notch finishes and amenities justify the name given to the new line.


For the season 2015 ZAR Formenti SRL, binds it’s prestige with the famous inflatables ZAR and the newly formed line ZARTENDER, introducing the new ZAR 49 SL, the first model of the new SPORT LUXURY line, which will be presented at the various boat shows that take part in autumn.

This new model is conceived once again by the ‘close-knit’ design team: Carlos Vidal Design, Francesco Ambrosini, Piero and Luca Formenti.

Équipé de:

Anchor locker, 4 front wide storage compartments, Side console seat with storage compartment, Wide rear storage compartment, 2 confortable storage compartment on the rear engine cockpit, 2 seater drive console with internal storage compartment, tilting mechanical steering system and sport drive wheel, Driver’s seat permitting driving seated or in a semi-seated position, Double heavy rubber bumper, 6 stainless steel handles for passenger safety, 4 stainless steel cleats, 3 stainless steel eyebolts for hangers, Left stern deck tainless steel folding ladder, Right stern deck, Repair kit, Inflating pump, pair of paddles.


  • Auto videur à l’arrêt
  • Catégorie d’homologation « CE cat. « C »
  • Longueur H.T. m 4.90
  • Largeur H.T. m 2,16
  • Longueur habitable m 4,90
  • Largeur habitable m 1,74
  • Largeur entre les flotteurs m 1,13
  • Diamètre maxi des flotteurs cm 49
  • Nbre de compartiments n. 6
  • Nbre de personnes n. 9
  • Poids à vide sans moteur, ni accessoires, ni liquides; donnée variable ± 10% kg 450
  • Puissance maxi 100 HP
  • Puissance min. 40 HP
  • Puissance conseillée 60/70 HP
  • Poids max. moteurs installables kg 200
  • Certificat CE catégorie C (formulaire A+A)

Équipment en options

Équipement en option
  • Fuel tank about 100 L / 27 gal CE standard installed under the console (USA only 70L/19 Gal.);
  • freshwater pressure system with a water tank (about 60 L / 16 gal) and shower;
  • stainless steel tilting radar arch with navigation lights, horn;
  • spot light;
  • front sun pad extension with table that include boards and cushions. The center board comes with a stainless steel leg that can be used as a table;
  • auxiliary motor support;
  • bilge pump;
  • fused switch panel.

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